Reddit’s Top Non-Sexual Fantasies Give a Wholesome Look at the Times

August 26, 2020

Users on reddit were asked what non-sexual fantasies they had, and the result was a wholesome look at the times: 

Sometimes when I’m out in the woods, I’m really tempted to get as lost as I can, or when I’m driving to just keep going. Not because I hate my life, but because I could start over somewhere where no one knew me, I would. 

Username amoeba_goop

Pause the time and have a few hours more for my job, assignment, sleep, etc. etc. etc. 

-Username thevisioniser

A beautiful garden, growing my own fruit and veg, keeping chickens for eggs and being as self sustainable as possible. Being able to walk from my doorstep to the beach to watch the sunset with someone I love. Just nature and peace, tbh. 

-Username bloop-di-doop

A simple cabin retirement with my wife and dog is my dream at this point. I wake up every single morning to a fresh cup of coffee out on the front porch gazing out at the mountains, listening to the birds and enjoying the crisp morning breeze. Maybe I grab a book, simply browse reddit, listen to a podcast, play a simple card game with my wife. 

-Username Neat_On_The_Rocks

Savings. No debt. Being able to retire one day. 

-Username foucaultvsthemoonmen

I desperately want to have a family and have all my childhood friends be their uncles and aunties. Just us in the same city or town. 

I am an immigrant to the UK from Hong Kong, and even though English is my first language, all my friends are spread over 3 continents, and I worry that my children will not understand my culture. I do not want to be that weird dad, but I miss my friends. 

-Username not given

Strolling into the Vatican archives whenever I please to read whatever I want. 

-Username noodlesux

A TV with time travel capabilities. For example, I’d like to go 20 years into the future and watch the Super Bowl with no knowledge of what happened in between the present and that game. I just think it’d be cool to have my mind blown by everything that has changed. 

-Username chillpenguinx1

Building a small machine shop in my backyard. Mill, lathe, welders, and an abundance of random steel I’ll never get rid of

-Username top2percent

Buying a house. 

-Username quixxotk

A day where I don’t have to do anything. No laundry, no work, don’t have to mow the yard or do dishes, etc. Food will be delivered. I can just lay on the couch, browse Reddit and Twitter. And just enjoy the silence. 

-Username BlueRose104

Disposable income

-Username billybobjimmyjoe

Turns out my husband’s death was a terrible accounting mistake by the hospital and he just comes home one day after his amnesia clears. 

-Username melbournbrekkie

Reply, Username: snorkeltravel: 

Mine too. Maybe they’re having a beer somewhere. 

Being able to lose weight without even trying. 

-Username EverythingsZen

Reply, Username kdr140: 

Hell, I’d take being able to lose weight when I am trying

Having a super charismatic personality. 

-Username englishish88

And the ultimate non-sexual fantasy, 

I’m a homeowner, 20+ acres, with a running creek on the property. My family has everything they need for a happy and stable life. No debt, with disposable income. As a family, we watch the sunrise and sunset together. We talk openly about our emotions in a healthy manner, and help each other with our struggles. My children marry good partners, perhaps one of them provides me with a grandchild, but they are all happy and well taken care of. My wife and I live out our golden years traveling and spending time with family. We die peacefully in our bed asleep together.

-Username F3J1Boi



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